42/25 Syrah & Cabernet Sauvignon

Basic information

Appellation and origin: Red wine, blend of Syrah & Cabernet Sauvignon from Bulgaria, PGI Thracian Lowlands, Mogilovo. Midalidare estate grown and bottled: Shipkata and Karaliets vineyards.

Grape variety: 75% Syrah from Shipkata and 15% Cabernet Sauvignon from Karaliets.

Vintage: 2019.

Volume: 750 ml.

Closure: Screw cap.

Alcohol content: 14% vol.

Maturity: Mature; keep 3-5 years.

Tasting notes

Brilliant ruby red color with light purple shades. The aroma is intense, fruity, with hints of cherry, blackberry, and blueberry, enhanced by jammy notes, chocolate, spices, and smoky oak. 

42/25 Syrah & Cabernet Sauvignon is a complex and balanced fruity wine with a medium body and soft tannins. Slightly spicy and juicy in the mouth with a medium finish and jammy aftertaste.

Serving and food pairing

Fresh fruity blend, suitable for any occasion and variety of foods. Ideal combination for lean white and red meats, charcuterie and sausages, soft to medium-hard cheeses, vegetables and Italian cuisine. 42/25 Syrah & Cabernet Sauvignon is perfect match for with grilled meat (pork, chicken, lamb, rabbit) with grilled vegetables and dried tomato sauce with garlic; baked bean or rice dishes with zucchini and tomatoes; moussaka (meat or vegetarian), especially with eggplant; pizza, lasagna and pasta with cheese or light meats or tomato sauce with vegetables. 

Serve at 16-18°C, in Syrah Old World glass (mid-size stem, egg-shaped bowl, narrow rim) or regular Red wine glass.

Travel with 42/25 Syrah & Cabernet Sauvignon

Terroir and Viticulture

Shipkata and Karaliets vineyards

  • Average to low sandy and clayey soils (Karaliets),
  • Alluvial soils with high presence of limestone (Shipkata),
  • South exposure,
  • Mild winter, hot summer,
  • Optimal proportion of sunshine and rainfall,
  • Big temperature amplitude.

Wine is made at the vineyard

  • Plants of French origin,
  • Average age of 13 years for Cabernet and 7 years for Syrah,
  • Double vertical shoot positioning (VSP or double guyot),
  • Twofold regulation of production - Green pruning and veraison pruning,
  • Triple leaf mass regulation on Syrah.