Pin the red colour, follow location. Explore 42/25.

Unique natural gifts of Mogilovo village are refracted by tradition and innovation at Midalidare, giving birth of 42/25 wines. Terroir wines of crispness and elegance, 42/25 are environmentally friendly, attractive, and trendy. The lightweight bottle ends with a screw cap for consumer’s comfort and in order to preserve the freshness of the wine. The label depicts the geography of Mogilovo village, and the capsule - the topography of the vineyards. The compass on the cap guarantees the correct direction. And the coloured PIN, expressing the varietal composition of the wine, is placed on the coordinates:

42 degrees latitude and 25 degrees longitude

42/25 Merlot 2019

Tasting notes

Shiny and dense ruby red color. Intensive spicy-fruity aroma, dominated by notes of black pepper and cloves and juicy fruits typical of the variety: black cherries, blackberries, gooseberries and ripe plums. An elegant oak tone and a light earthy shade complete the fragrant bouquet. 42/25 Merlot is soft and balanced in the mouth, with velvety tannins. The body is medium, the spicy-fruity palate corresponds to the bouquet. The finish is spicy, with hints of oak and cherry jam.

Serving and food pairing

This spicy, yet fresh Merlot matches soft to medium-hard cheeses and tender red and white meats, as well as exotic cuisine, meat stews and generously seasoned vegetable dishes. Pair with mild to medium (but not very strongly flavoured) hard cheeses. Spaghetti and meatballs, lasagne and macaroni cheese; spicy rice dishes and bean dishes with smoked ham or chorizo; roast turkey; chinese style crispy duck pancakes; braised short ribs; chicken, pork or rabbit casseroles with a fruity element. Serve at 16-18°C, in Cabernet Sauvignon glass (tall stem, larger bowl, wide rim) or regular Red wine glass.


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